Corporate Alumni Networks – savvy employers nurture their leavers

As some of you may know, for the last three or four years, I have been managing the networks of former employees for a couple of large organisations. A corporate alumni network, provides the means for people who used to work together to keep in touch. Some do so purely for social reasons, others do so for commercial ones, and many do so because they know that most new jobs are found through our personal network.

Companies benefit a great deal from alumni networks. Not only are the members usually good ambassadors for the business but they are also a rich source of new recruits. People leave and improve themselves. It is insanity not to be prepared to offer them a job should they wish to return later. They also refer friends and relatives to the firm, and even pass on good business opportunities to their former contacts within the business.

Of course, most companies don’t even think of pro-actively managing these networks and just allow them to develop through public applications like Facebook and LinkedIn, but savvy ones choose to provide more for their former colleagues, and that’s where I come in.

A couple of us were tinkering with a recent new tool on the internet the other day. It produces animated videos to tell a story. We thought we’d experiment with an animated interview with myself explaining more about these networks. Go on, have a cup of tea and a laugh for a few minutes…

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