How crowd accelerated innovation is transforming the nature of entrepreneurship

There have been entrepreneurs forever, though the industrial revolution created the conditions for far more of them to find an expression for their skills and ideas.

Before that, entrepreneurship was given a huge stimulus when Gutenburg transformed the process of spreading ideas through the invention of printing.

Undoubtedly, the internet has done a lot to allow the spread of ideas again, but it has been limited in the past by its dependency on text. As video begins to take over as the medium of choice on the internet, so we are witnessing a massive explosion of entrepreneurial thinking.

In this presentation, Chris Anderson one of TED’s curators, explains how the nature of the innovative process is unfolding and will continue to escalate in the next few years.

He proposes a model of innovation, where three elements are needed….

The ‘crowd’ – an audience some of whom will be interactive with the innovators.

The ‘light‘ – which has to be shone on the innovation – a preparedness to share as yet not necessarily perfect ideas. Moving away from the secretive laboratories and guarded IP knowing that it is by sharing that better ideas will emerge.

The ‘desire‘ – a human drive – a passion of some kind. Some ‘desire’ may be selfish, some purely altruistic. Whatever the drive, without desire new ideas founder.

It’s a useful way of assessing entrepreneurial ventures. Have they tested their proposition with a crowd? Have they exposed it to critics (and, more importantly, developers)? And do they have a REAL desire to make it happen?

At the end of his talk, Chris introduces Christopher Makau, broadcast live from his own community. In a clip that lasts less than a minute, Makau illustrates the model perfectly, and does so in such an inspiring fashion that he provokes the TED Global audience to give them both a standing ovation.

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