Should coaching focus firstly on beliefs or behaviour?

Do good coaches focus first on helping their clients behave differently or on helping them to evaluate, and possibly change, their beliefs? Some recent research has shown that coaching changes teaching practices without changing teachers’ beliefs; “Implementing instructional coaching using… Continue Reading

When bullying is just a part of the tool-kit of senior executives

This is Anti-Bullying Week.  Although I often encounter it, this probably wouldn’t have hit my radar if it wasn’t because I’m teaching some relatively young students at The Oxfordshire Business and Enterprise School (TOBES) right now. There’s a very thought… Continue Reading

Elevator pitches – engaging others in social talk

“I never know quite how to introduce myself…” “People never seem prepared to listen to me when it’s my turn to explain what I do…” “Well, I’m just one of those boring…” “I come away thinking that they haven’t really… Continue Reading