Youth and Leadership Development

We often hear the idea that young people can benefit from Leadership Development, and it makes a lot of sense logically, but I sometimes wonder what EXACTLY they learn, and whether they apply it in ways that they wouldn’t have done anyway. A typical example is the following scheme from Alaska.

I have similar reservations about the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which has virtually become another A-level. Undoubtedly, SOME kids get something out of it, but wouldn’t the emergent leaders have emerged anyway, without the pressure and structure of such an award?

What kinds of things do YOU think they get from programmes like these? Do they REALLY make a difference?

Affordable housing program provides job training for young adultsSITKA – Young Alaskans Building Affordable Housing is a comprehensive job training, education and leadership development program for young adults of Alaska, ages 16 to 24. The program includes job training, classroom and vocational education, leadership development, counseling and job placement assistance. Participants learn construction skills while building low-income housing in the Sitka community.

The program is part of the private nonprofit organization Southeast Alaska Guidance Association in partnership with SouthEast Alaska Career Center and Baranof Island Housing Authority in Sitka. All program components will be conducted in Sitka. The affordable housing program provides guidance counseling, peer support groups, cultural and recreational events and activities, and job placement assistance for up to 16 eligible young adults per year. The program promotes youth leadership development, program decision-making, and community involvement. Successful program graduates will receive construction skills training coupled with academic education leading to a high school diploma or GED or further education.

The affordable housing program provides an opportunity for young Alaskans to gain work experience and acquire skills in the construction industry by building a residential home and/or other construction projects, developing leadership, and continuing education towards a GED. Participants will earn a training allowance of $1,200 per month and upon successful completion of the program, an AmeriCorps education award of $1,250.


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