CIPD reports: 2 out of 5 public sector organisations undergoing redundancies

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) this week forecast that over 40% of public sector organisations are undergoing redundancies as a result of government cuts.

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To be brutally honest, I am really quite surprised that the estimate is THAT low.

For some time the emphasis has been on effectiveness, now the focus is on efficiency with a promise from central government that this won’t compromise the former. To my mind this means that the attention is on those people within the many organisations involved whose work does not directly affect service delivery.

If we make people who are in the delivery stream redundant then we are almost certainly going to affect effectiveness, whereas those who are not (even if they were the instigators/facilitators of the new ways of working) are not going to adversely affect delivery effectiveness – at least in the short/medium timeframe.

So the people that I would be considering for redundancy first are the senior managers and executives. As I posted elsewhere, more astute senior civil servants are already dipping their toes in the private sector.

Ironically, it is in those places where these people haven’t actually been all that good, that there remains a need for them!

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