University of Oxford – Advanced Coaching Course – Summer 2017

Absolutely delighted that the Oxford University Advanced Coaching course is being repeated this year. The feedback from the students last academic year was fantastic, and I am looking forward to working with the 2017 cohort. We’ve moved the programme from the Autumn (Michelmas) term to the Summer (Trinity) one, to make the course more accessible to students of the Introductory courses in both Oxford and Reading, however attending one of these is NOT essential. The Advanced course is intended for any coach (from whatever discipline) to develop and build their practice. While most of the places have already been booked, there is still time to book in if you would like to.

Here’s an overview of the course. For more information, visit the Departmental website (


Helping any coach deepen their practice in various ways; enhancing intervention skills, better understanding clients’ needs, drawing on evidence, exploring attitudes to work/clients, expanding client bases and professional standing.

This course promises to be an exciting departure from traditional advanced programmes that generally offer intense immersion in one particular model but do little to help the coach develop their own practice in ways that are critical to them.

You may be a business, life, sports, health, or financial coach; work in corporate, private or public sectors; with in-house, external, or assigned clients (paying or provided with your services for nothing); with years of experience, or just be beginning. Whatever your situation, your practice will be deepened and developed as a result of attending.

Over ten weeks, you will be supported as you develop plans, identify key areas, gain peers to work alongside, and be guided and encouraged as you put those plans into practice.

There will be opportunities to enhance your intervention skills, better understand clients’ needs, draw on evidence rather than hearsay, explore your own attitudes to work and clients, expand client numbers, and build your professional standing.

Best wishes, Graham

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