A few questions about ‘customer delight’

There is a model of networking that says; get to know me, like me, and then trust me, and then (and only then) will I be likely to become your ambassador.

The author of an email that I just received, clearly, doesn’t understand this.

In their unsolicited message, their first contact with me on LinkedIn, they say;

I would like your POV about something I am working on;
Jeff Bezos has Amazon focused on solving customer delight. It¹s his number 1 concern in 2017. He has 5 teams working on this problem now. The winning team owns the solution and will scale the results across Amazon, pushing revenue significantly higher by 2019.
Why customer delight? Quantifying and leveraging customer delight prevents disruption, scales profits, lowers retention cost better than any marketing or technology answer.
We invented what Jeff wants. We call it customer delight analytics and solved it using a lexical based approach along with machine learning algorithms. Our technology plugs into most CRM and CMS based systems. Based on your profile, I was wondering if you know someone who might be interested in partnering with us?

Which prompted a lot of questions in my mind;

  • Is customer delight a ‘problem’? Can it be ‘solved’?
  • Is it appropriate to ‘set up’ competition between quality improvement teams in order to address it?
  • What if customer delight can be achieved only at the expense of revenue and profit? Would you still pursue it then?
  • Why would the leader of an already highly successful enterprise desire ‘significantly higher’ revenue in a time when inflation is measured in very small numbers, other than for personal greed at the expense of others?
  • Did a 21st century organisation invent ‘customer delight’? Or have customers been delighted by some vendors since the first transactions happened in the palaeolithic?
  • Would I ‘partner’ with such an entity without them getting to know me, like me, and trust me, beforehand?
  • What kind of credibility does an organisation have when they try to involve me in their marketing from day one?

I am sure that there will be plenty more…

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