Academic impact… hmmm…

In academic circles, the impact of a researcher is a contentious metric – deemed highly significant by some, and a distraction by others. To be frank, I haven’t got a clue what my impact statistic is because it is VERY RARE for my occasional missives to get a reference.

So it’s very exciting when I discover one!

It seems that a copy of a book I wrote in 1992 had found its way to the library of the USAF Air University, where (in 2001) it was used by a student as part of her Masters Degree at Officer Graduate School. Reading the thesis (which was very good), I can see that my book played absolutely no role other than to expand the bibliography (!) but that’s OK.

Curiosity is a key attribute of academics, so I couldn’t resist checking her out… it seems that her career continued to evolve within the USAF and today she heads up their Child and Youth Programs designed to provide extra-curricular support to the children of Air Force Personnel around the world (

What a strange world it is.

Willey, DA (2001) Innovative Problem Solving in USAF Officer PME Curriculum. Thesis. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. (Retrieved: 26/05/2020 @