Should coaching focus firstly on beliefs or behaviour?

Do good coaches focus first on helping their clients behave differently or on helping them to evaluate, and possibly change, their beliefs? Some recent research has shown that coaching changes teaching practices without changing teachers’ beliefs; “Implementing instructional coaching using… Continue reading

The origin of the term “integrative” in a psychotherapeutic (and by extrapolation, coaching) context

It seems that the term, integrative, is being very wildly thrown around by a number of coaching practitioners who draw on a number of different disciplines in their work. This article, by the Integrative Psychotherapy Association, nicely explains the meaning… Continue reading

When bullying is just a part of the tool-kit of senior executives

This is Anti-Bullying Week.  Although I often encounter it, this probably wouldn’t have hit my radar if it wasn’t because I’m teaching some relatively young students at The Oxfordshire Business and Enterprise School (TOBES) right now. There’s a very thought… Continue reading

Developing Charisma

One of my original guides – produced to accompany a talk that I often used to be called on to give to senior executive gatherings – was “Acquiring Gravitas”. You can download a copy here: It’s a theme that… Continue reading

Is there such a thing as a false anticipation?

Elisabeth Loftus is a highly respected psychologist. Her work on false memories wins no votes! Psychotherapists are fearful of her because they think she will accuse them of making people hate their parents. People who find some comfort in their… Continue reading

The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances

There’s a quote attributed to the teachings of Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna, known generally as Atisa, one of the reformers of Buddhism from around 1000AD. It goes; “The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.” I’ve not heard it said much recently,… Continue reading

With the id and super-ego fighting it out, should Prince Albert have played down his recent acquisition?

In an article in the Riviera Times, New jet for Prince Albert II, written by Nancy Jane Carragher, it is explained that Prince Albert II has just ‘secured’ his latest private jet, a Dassault Aviation Falcon, worth up to 50… Continue reading