It’s all in the name, but which one?

Some time ago, I did a Google search on “Executive Coach” only to discover that most have 52 seats and are owned by Wallace Arnold! So, I decided to describe myself as a leadership development specialist. But quite a few of my peers describe themselves as being involved in “Executive Development” so I scan the media for anything I can that will illuminate my own (and their) practices. Well, today, I have discovered that, to some folks, “Executive Development” is a term for a posh housing estate, ringed by a wall and with security gated access!

Ah well, the important thing is that people know me for who I am not what, I suppose!?

I run networking courses and one of the exercises is for folks to prepare TWO introductions for themselves – one a quick phrase (“Hello, I’m Graham Wilson – I help people achieve things they never dreamt they could.”) and another longer one lasting about 30-45 seconds for more formal occasions.

So what about yourself? How do you describe what you do? Do folks get it straight away or does it need more in depth explanation?

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