New course: Introduction to Reflective Practice and Journaling (Oxford, Jan 2020)

Does your profession expect you to use reflective practice (RP) to maintain the ability to practice?

Increasingly professional bodies are seeing that attending workshops and conferences have limited long-term impact without the habit of RP. This is particularly true of medical, educational, business, HR, legal, coaching, therapy, and accountancy-related professions. However, they rarely explain how to do it or why it works, and provide very little support to help you develop an approach that works for you, and the habit to maintain it.

In January, at the University of Oxford, we begin a 10-week evening class to fill these gaps and help you grow in your profession. It’s an undergraduate-level course offered as part of our Psychology and Counselling Programme but open to all. As with all Continuing Education courses, it is of a high standard, takes place in a supportive and informed environment, carries CATS points which will provide evidence of 30hrs of CPD, and is extremely low cost.

For more details, visit our dedicated page:

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