Do company-wide development programmes work?

From time-to-time you hear of, what are generally bespoke, training companies, delivering a company-wide leadership development programme. The firm, BTS from Sweden, is fairly typical, having just delivered a programme to 600 of Unilever’s managers, aimed at identifying and developing, the next generation of senior management.

The result of these programmes varies enormously, both to the company and to the individual. Some are heavily focused around psychometrics and helping individuals find the right hole for their peg to fit, others are more dynamic and try to equip the participants for a variety of new ‘initiatives’, developing and validating skills that have previously not been given the same profile. Some firms really do align the outcomes of the programme with their strategy, while others lose touch early on and never deliver what the company wants.

Almost anyone who has worked at the medium to senior level in organisations will have experienced a programme of this kind at some stage in their career. What was YOUR experience? Did it help or hinder you?

Do you develop programmes of this kind? What do you feel sets your approach apart from others?

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