Ken Livingstone appoints Director of Six Sigma

Alright, I humbly apologise for that tacky attempt to get your attention, but get this…

According to the Buffalo Times, this morning, Erie County Executive-elect, Chris Collins, today named Alfred Hammonds Jr. as his director of Six Sigma, the efficiency discipline that Collins wants deployed through the county bureaucracy. Erie County is an administrative area within the Buffalo district of New York State. Erie has had some pretty difficult financial affairs of late, and as a result a state-appointed control board took over scrutiny and management of the county finances. It is hoped that Collins plans to implement Six Sigma and Performance Based Budgeting will persuade the State to relax its control over the County.

Now, Six Sigma aims to ensure that key quality criteria are properly designed, implemented, and under sufficient control as to achieve less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. So, I wonder for which quality criteria the Director of Six Sigma for a county council would strive to achieve this tough standard?

Perhaps we could draw up a list and propose it to Ken Livingstone.

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