Bank holidays, portfolio careers and winter cold cures

I was interviewed by someone from the Economist the other day about ‘portfolio careers’. It was a weird conversation as she clearly hadn’t got a clue what I was talking about. She had a reason why almost every strand of my work wasn’t a ‘real’ career, the only bit she could relate to was writing and, obviously, I am “only an amateur at that”. In the end, she (clearly disappointed) drew the interview to a close and asked what I would be doing over the Bank Holiday… She still didn’t get it when I said that like many ‘portfolio careerists’, I’d be working!

I hope you get some time off – me, I’m about to make the winter’s supply of Elderberry ‘cordial’ which has nothing to do with work other than (hopefully) keeping me at it when the germs start circulating later in the year!

Best wishes

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