Climate mitigation – McDonalds takes a lead

Be honest, you didn’t expect to read that did you?!

Well, in 2007, the US fast food industry consisted of around 250000 outlets, of which McDonald’s alone had 14000 in the US and a further 32000 worldwide. Fast food outlets are extraordinarily inefficient environmentally, so it’s good to see that, by the end of this year, the Big Mac will have TEN gold-standard buildings WORLDWIDE. (My emphasis.)

Their first such building opened in Sweden in 2000 (ie NINE YEARS AGO) and they currently have SEVEN. Apparently though, their commitment to such measures is increasing!

These buildings’ features include lamps that use light-emitting diodes, energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems, daylight-harvesting technologies, sustainable and recycled materials, low-flow toilets and recycling bins. No, that was not a mistake… they are actually going to have RECYCLING bins.

I’m glad that they are taking such a lead. Sadly though, I think this reeks of being an insult to the intelligence of their customers. PR department – shoot thyself in the foot!

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