Would you help me with an ebook? Collaborative project. NO CATCH!

Every year, around this time, I start to pull together my notes about goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions.

I shall be doing the same again this year. To make it a little different I began to wonder if it would be a nice idea to produce an ebook of examples of New Year’s Resolutions – to give a little stimulation to a few people. Just to stress one thing, although I shall write the foreword, I would never dream of making any profit from this – I shall offer it for download from as many places as possible – my aim is to inspire people to think outside the box when they make their resolutions this year.

So this is what I’d like to do… I’d like to produce an ebook, with 52 different examples of New Year’s Resolutions in it. I’ll collate them and may just tweak the English, but anyone contributing an example will get full credit – in the form of their name, their website name, and a short description that they supply. I’ll do my best to make the book presentable and hope that you will be happy enough to want to forward copies to your friends and colleagues too. Interested?

I’m planning on pulling this together on December 21st, so get thinking! If I’m short of entries, then I’ll add more after that but absolutely no guarantees.

Why not visit this page and make an offering – http://www.gbw247.info/newyears/

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