Shoot the marketing assistant (2)…

amazon-drwhoI promise to stop posting anti-marketing assistant items soon, but there are lessons in this for all of us.

This item just appeared on Facebook…

It seems to me that this is just a bit of blatant jumping onto the bandwagon.

It doesn’t add any value but suggests that Amazon are such cheapskates that they can’t produce their own news!

There is a point here for job hunters too. Make sure that your covering letter doesn’t read similarly. By all means refer to something that is in the news if it will REALLY help your case, but don’t try to make out that you have some connection with it, or even know that much about it.

A wonderfully awful example that I just came across:

Having recently seen several media criticisms about your failure to respond to concerns in this area [zero hours contracts], I felt that my unusual experience embracing both HR and external communications, might be of interest to you.

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