Changing the course of two centuries of carbon-intense development (COP22)

unfccc-logoThe first day of COP22 focused on key messages from the elected President of COP22, and the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC. It might have been dominated by the exciting news that over 55 countries had signed up to the Paris Agreement from 2015, and so, that milestone having been met, on November 4th the Agreement became binding. Perhaps more important still, this had led to a renewed zeal for others to do so, and to-date over 100 countries have joined. Had this tipping point not been reached the business of COP22 would probably have been very different. So the air of some presentations was definitely celebratory. But not all…

In this, the second of the GCAP daily audio blogs, I try to summarise the keynote addresses of Salaheddine Mezouar and Patricia Espinosa.

I hope you found this interesting and that you’ll be tempted to follow the rest on their website here:

Thank you, Graham

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