Oxford University – Introduction to Coaching courses 2016

oxfordblueI am absolutely delighted that applications for the redesigned, University of Oxford “Introduction to Coaching” course are now open!

The course is running in BOTH Oxford and Reading Universities this Autumn – take your pick!  It will be the same high quality programme, with all the same resources, and both courses attract the same transferable credits for a Higher Education qualification (Certificate, Diploma or Degree).  Classes are in the evening, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm for ten weeks.

Lots of people DO coaching.  In some cases it is in our job specification, in others it is a choice on our part as to how we go about our job (the process).  We do so in all kinds of different capacities – some are paid, some are volunteers, some are ‘just’ good friends.  And, we help other people in all sorts of areas; parenting, executive thinking, sports, financial planning, life, learning skills, STEM, style, performance, voice, presentation, weight, sex and relationships, and as managers with members of our team.  Some of us are generalists, while others specialise.

Wherever you fit in this wonderfully diverse array, and whether you have been coaching for a while, or are just thinking of using as a way of doing things, if you are interested in doing it with more confidence, more professionally, with a little more understanding of the principles and ways that others do things, and a sense of some of the pitfalls and how to address them….   Then this is the course for you.

Lots more information can be found on the University pages:

For more information about the course administration, please follow the links on the University website.  To discuss the course itself, just drop me a line (gw@grahamwilson.org).

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