Clones aren’t always the same

Unbelievable but true;

“Is that Graham Wilson?”
“Yes, how can I help you?”

“This might seem a strange question, but are you the leadership guru?”
“Ha! Well, I work in Leadership Development, but I would never call myself that.”

“You do run courses in Leadership in Oxford, don’t you?”
“Yes, coaching, leadership, management, business studies, and Human Resources.”

“And you’ve written books on the subject?”
“Yes… where’s this going?”

“Well, I’m a bit confused. A friend suggested that I contact you to talk about getting some coaching. He said, you are very supportive, low-key, and help people understand themselves so they achieve things rather than doing goal setting and stuff.”
“It sounds as though he’s done a good selling job for me!”

“Only I looked for you on the internet, and found who I thought was you. He claims to be ‘the most sought after leadership coach’ and goes on about ‘creating outstanding leaders’. That doesn’t sound like you.”
“Gosh! And this is a Graham Wilson?”

“Well I shall have to take a look.

I only know one other Graham Wilson; he’s from the Caribbean, lives in Canada, and writes TV & radio jingles!

Your friend is right, I work behind the scenes, help leaders – I certainly don’t create them (that’s a bit scary), and I hope I’ve never made such a grand claim.

So how can I help you?”


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