Coaching during a recession…

A colleague pointed out that I’d worked through a recession and wondered if I’d got any tips? I don’t like talking about my own work too much, but the backstory might help explain the bullet points… Coaching through recessions… what… Continue reading

What is it that makes you different?

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the quality that sets us apart from other people.  Of course, a USP has to have some kind of relationship to the needs of our ‘customers’ (for want of a better term).  If they… Continue reading

Masters’ Level (CIPD L7) Human Resources Management qualification – Sept 2017

If you work in HR, this is an incredible opportunity. Gain a Masters’ Level qualification in your spare time, over two years at a very reasonable cost. Here’s a summary of last week’s ‘taster’ afternoon: CIPD Level 7 Taster Afternoon… Continue reading

With the id and super-ego fighting it out, should Prince Albert have played down his recent acquisition?

In an article in the Riviera Times, New jet for Prince Albert II, written by Nancy Jane Carragher, it is explained that Prince Albert II has just ‘secured’ his latest private jet, a Dassault Aviation Falcon, worth up to 50… Continue reading

Is Paul Gascoigne well advised to go public?

Alcoholics in crisis provoke strong responses among the people around them. Some feel great sadness and sympathy for the individual; others are angered that they could have allowed themselves to get into this condition; and still more are fearful, as… Continue reading

Business Book of the Week : The Khan Academy ‘flips’ education (12/03/2011)

“With so little effort on my own part, I can empower an unlimited amount of people for all time. I can’t imagine a better use of my time.” Salman Khan – founder of the Khan Academy The history In late… Continue reading

People who are lonely at work are often also lonely outside

‘The over-zealous super-ego may depend on ritualised patterns of behaviour, and have great difficulty coping with the rich tapestry of human experience and beliefs – considering their own perspective to be the only true way. It is this latter conviction… Continue reading