With the id and super-ego fighting it out, should Prince Albert have played down his recent acquisition?

In an article in the Riviera Times, New jet for Prince Albert II, written by Nancy Jane Carragher, it is explained that Prince Albert II has just ‘secured’ his latest private jet, a Dassault Aviation Falcon, worth up to 50… Continue Reading

Elevator pitches – engaging others in social talk

“I never know quite how to introduce myself…” “People never seem prepared to listen to me when it’s my turn to explain what I do…” “Well, I’m just one of those boring…” “I come away thinking that they haven’t really… Continue Reading

Leadership – a question of nature or nurture?

This month, I’m involved in helping run a summer school in Oxford, the Adaptation Academy, for senior staff involved in climate adaptation projects. My strand embraces the human dimension – self-development, leadership, politics, and communication. Following a leadership tour of… Continue Reading