Business Book of the Week – Kanzi – The ape at the brink of the Human mind

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh – Kanzi: The ape at the brink of the Human mind I can hear my critics speaking right now… “What exactly has THIS got to do with Business, Graham?” Well, almost every month, I find myself in conversation… Continue reading

People who are lonely at work are often also lonely outside

‘The over-zealous super-ego may depend on ritualised patterns of behaviour, and have great difficulty coping with the rich tapestry of human experience and beliefs – considering their own perspective to be the only true way. It is this latter conviction… Continue reading

The much maligned ‘ego’ – common qualities of arrogant executives, religious zealots and suicidal terrorists

A few months ago, I was prompted to write a few words by way of introduction to the subject of Psychodynamics. In it, I explained the three different components of our model of the psyche which was proposed originally by… Continue reading

Business Book of the Week – Christakis – Connected = The science of social media networks

Our understanding of behaviour in groups has been evolving for many years. Much of the earliest scientific study was based on animal populations and formed a subset of the science of ethology. These studies usually revolved around small groups that… Continue reading

Business Book of the Week – Robinson – The element – How finding your passion changes everything

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Robinson) A few weeks ago, I chose one of Tony Buzan’s books as my Business Book of the Week. On Friday night, I went to hear Buzan speaking. He is a polished… Continue reading