Thirty themes for coaching

talkFor a course that I help run each year, I have a list of themes that participants might want to include in coaching.  It’s fairly random, and slightly focused on the participants’ needs in this context, but it might help focus your own thinking as a starter.

  1. Building your professional reputation
  2. Creating a systematic approach to LinkedIN
  3. Creating compelling articles, speeches and presentations
  4. Developing specific communication plans for different stakeholders
  5. Ethical and political issues in projects
  6. Expanding your personal network
  7. Exploring the politics of your organisation and sector
  8. Getting your book published and written
  9. How do you relate to social media?
  10. How family dynamics (past and present) impact your performance
  11. How to get promotion
  12. How to influence stakeholders in your project
  13. Identifying and approaching individuals who can help with your work or a project
  14. Life choices – balancing or addressing apparent conflicts
  15. Managing peers
  16. Managing people
  17. Managing ‘upwards’
  18. Preparing and polishing your presentations
  19. Public speaking generally
  20. Reviewing your personal development plan – short, medium and long term
  21. Reviewing your progress with a reflective journal
  22. Setting goals for work or career
  23. Storytelling to build engagement
  24. The impact of the past on your future
  25. Understanding your personality and how it affects your behaviour at work and elsewhere
  26. Ways of influencing at work
  27. What holds you back in your career?
  28. What IS your passion?
  29. Your career choices
  30. Your role, relationships, and performance in teams at work and elsewhere

Of course, any other ideas are always welcome!

Best wishes, Graham

PS A second list of 30 items followed this one.

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