Oh, dear… “What is your modality?”

Life is not a straight line.  Perish the thought that we should discover its meaning when we are 21 and have nothing more to learn or subsequently re-frame our perspective.  Some therapists eschew the term ‘eclectic’ and I don’t really like to… Continue reading

Coping with the negative overload (IoD Global – CV19 #6)

A survey released today showed that the UK public has very little confidence in the information that it is receiving about the CV-19 crisis. Surprisingly, to some, the Government came out as well as the more reputable media, and the… Continue reading

Finding the inner resources for creative, strategic thinking (IoD Global – CV19 #5)

It is hard to imagine ourselves being creative when we are in what feels like a crisis.  However, the same rules apply here as at any time, and let’s be honest people have come through crises far worse than this… Continue reading

Coaching during a recession…

A colleague pointed out that I’d worked through a recession and wondered if I’d got any tips? I don’t like talking about my own work too much, but the backstory might help explain the bullet points… Coaching through recessions… what… Continue reading

At times like this; invest in trust (IOD GLOBAL – CV19 #2)

Let’s consider the world of an organisation forced to change its operations, telling its 250 staff to work from home. The leaders know every employee by name and ought to know a few things about their personal circumstances.  The leaders’ priorities are… Continue reading

In the pursuit of productivity…

Many business school and professional development programmes are based on the same politico-economic model… one that assumes that economic growth is always for the good… that we should all seek for our organisations to become ever more productive… that individuals… Continue reading

“Introduction to Reflective Practice and Journaling” – Oxford University – Jan/Apr 2020

Details of our new course – An Introduction to Reflective Practice and Journaling – are live here: https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/introduction-to-reflective-practice-and-journaling?code=O19P600PCW Our courses are incredibly popular, often becoming fully booked within a few weeks, so don’t delay – book today! Any questions, just… Continue reading

“Advanced Coaching” course – Oxford University – Apr/Jul 2020

Details of this year’s Advanced Coaching course are live here: https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/advanced-coaching?code=O19P604PCW These courses are incredibly popular, often becoming fully booked within a few weeks, so don’t delay – book today! Any questions, just ask.